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K-SYSTEM » Serie 100 Workstation » L126 Dual IVF

L126 Dual IVF

L126 Dual IVFDesigned as two workplaces and for mounting of two stereomicroscopes.


A dual workstation offers the potential to simultaneously set up a perfect rotation system / organize division of work and keep the workflow of individuals undisturbed. E.g.: in the morning: one technician checks the oocytes for fertilization or scores embryos, and transfers them to new dishes. Meanwhile, another technician can prepare the dishes for cryopreservation and runs the cells / embryos to be cryopreserved through the series of cryoprotectants.


Technical specifications: L126 dual
Overall dimensions (WxDxH)1846x735x2015 mm/73x29x79
Workspace/tabletop (WxD)1826x553 mm/72x22
Table height835 mm/33
Distance from tabletop to HEPA-filter730 mm
Air flow0,32 m/s

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