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Quinn’s Advantage™ Sequential Media

Quinn’s Advantage™ Sequential MediaThe Quinn’s Advantage Sequential Media product line was the first clinically proven sequential media system designed to optimize the in vitro environment for embryo development. Quinn’s Advantage™ Fertilization Media was developed to optimize fertilization rates.Today’s most advanced human tubal fluid (HTF), designed for versatility across a wide range of IVF applications, including ART procedures, fertilization of human oocytes, and embryo culture. Quinn’s Advantage Cleavage Medium meets embryonic metabolism requirements with minimum glucose levels and is phosphate-free. The product also contains alanyl-glutamine, nonessential amino acids, taurine, and citrate. Quinn’s Advantage Blastocyst Medium combines essential and nonessential amino acids, alanyl-glutamine, taurine, vitamins, phosphate, and high glucose levels, providing nutritional and physiological needs to developing embryos.

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