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SAGE™ In-Vitro Maturation Media (IVM)

SAGE™ In-Vitro Maturation Media (IVM)SAGE In Vitro Maturation Media is for the in-vitro maturation of immature oocytes, subsequent fertilization, and embryo development. This media kit enables the culture of immature oocytes to fully developed embryos suitable for transfer. For both the patients and clinician, this innovation opens the door to an enhanced culturing methodology that offers new treatment options. Patient profile: Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, Women who want to undergo a natural-cycle IVF procedure by avoiding stimulating hormones, Women wanting to avoid the potential risk of fertility drug use such as OHSS patients and patients having undergone repeated stimulation cycles, Clinical results, Cycles: 350, Oocyte maturation: 80%, Clinical pregnancy rate: 33.3%, Live births: 70, Data on file at CooperSurgical, Inc.

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