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Sperm Freezing Medium

Sperm Freezing MediumSperm Freezing Medium from ORIGIO is for freezing of spermatozoa. Developed to maximize sperm survival and to maintain DNA integrity and function after cryopreservation. It is egg yolk-free and contains only chemically defined components, including glycerol and sucrose as the cryoprotective agents. Contains both Glycine, that Improves post-thaw sperm motility, membrane and acrosome integrity, and SSR with Insulin shown to be a pro-surviving factor. • In a study comparing seven different commercially available cryoprotectant media, Sperm Freezing medium came out as the best medium to protect the DNA integrity of spermatozoa recovered after cryopreservation1. • Performs better than Irvine and equally good as Life Global

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