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WALLACE - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico


Wallace® Classic Embryo Transfer Catheters
For confident positionin before introducing the embryo.
Wallace® Sure-Pro®
Inner catheter for increased control during insertion.
Wallace® Sure-Pro® Ultra
Inner catheter to pass through the uterus for insertion
Wallace® Sure View
Allows full visibility under ultrasound guidance.
Wallace® Malleable Stylet
For embryo difficult transfers.
Wallace® Trial Transfer Catheter
For embryo transfer.
Wallace® Intra-uterine Insemination Catheter
For optimal control over placement within the uterus.
Wallace® Single Lumen Oocyte Recovery System
Needle for oocytes retrieval.
Wallace® Dual Lumen Oocyte Recovery Systems
Needle for oocytes retrieval.
Wallace Micropipettes
Quality products in order to achieve maximum IVF rates.