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AMS® Fertilimax

AMS® FertilimaxHelps improve egg & embryo quality with DHEA, helps improve IVF pregnancy chances, supports improvement of egg quality, supports ovarian reserve. AMS® Fertilimax is a formula that supports the brain and spinal development of the embryo when taken by women prior to pregnancy. This is mainly because it delivers all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to support this development. For instance, it enriches the body with iodine, essential for fertility and ovulation. Deficiency in iodine is bad for the health of both mother and baby. Multiple studies have shown that iodine is necessary for normal neurodevelopment of fetus and infant. Calcium in Fertilimax is necessary for strong bones in moms and babies. The supplement also delivers Vitamins D and E, and magnesium. Additionally, Fertilimax supports improvement of the egg quality as well as IVF pregnancy chances along with supporting the ovarian reserve, especially for women of 35 years of age or older.

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