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L126 MP

L126 MPDesigned as two workplaces the right side is for mounting of a stereomicroscope and left side is dedicated to an inverted microscope for performing ICSI in clean air. The MP version is cost and space saving by integrating the Anti- Vibration facilities into the workstation while at the same time giving overall aseptic work conditions.


The Anti-Vibration Table reduces vibrations which often create problems during ICSI procedures. With an isolated microscope platform and a complex anti-vibration system, the K-SYSTEMS® Anti-Vibration Table eliminates vibrations from reaching the microscope platform and dampening unavoidable vibrations in the shortest possible time.


The half cylindrical compartment behind the inverted microcopes makes it possible to tilt the illuminator pillar of the inverted microscope - for the exchange of ICSI needles. The space can also accomodate the laser systems or similar products.

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