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AMS® SUPLEMENTOS NUTRICIONALES » Vitaminas y Minerales » Lipoic Forte 600mg

Lipoic Forte 600mg

Lipoic Forte 600mgHelps to decrease insulin resistance, supports improvement of diabetic neuropathy, promotes weight loss, protects from oxidative stress. Lipoic-Forte by AMS® is a dietary supplement that enriches the body with alpha-lipoid-acid (ALA). The supplement is formulated to help manage diabetic neuropathy (a type of nerve damage that occurs in people who have diabetes). Health benefits of ALA are well-documented and include decreased complications after coronary artery bypass graft surgery, reduces blood sugar levels, improves skin discolorations, and aids in weight loss. Protection of liver health and functionality is yet another beneficial effect one can expect after taking Lipoic-Forte.

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