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RI Holding Micropipettes

RI Holding MicropipettesThese micropipettes are designed for anchoring the oocyte or embryo during ICSI or other micromanipuation procedures.A smooth fire polished tip cradles the cells gently and securely. 32µm large holding micropipettes are available with a 30° and 35° bend angle. Finished product rigorously tested by 1-cell MEA, LAL and HSSA. Each micropipette is individually inspected 5 times during manufacture. Super sharp, non-sticky, with consistent geometries. Fits with EZ-Grip® and all popular denudation and transfer micropipettors. Wide range of sizes and angles designed for all your assisted reproduction applications. RI Pipettes have a shelf life of three years as standard. Packed into the high quality Twista-pak™ which provides protection from tip damage and operates like a lipstick. The simple twisting action allows easy access and ensures neither end of the micropipette is touched during removal.

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