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AV2 Anti Vibration Tables - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico

AV2 Anti Vibration Tables

Vibrations are elimininated by a complex anti vibration system achieved through an optimized choice of mass and support stiffness ensuring a fast dampening effect.


The inverted microscope is placed on an equilibrated and isolated platform, which gives a smooth and roomy workspace around the microscope for micromanipulation equipment, mini-incubators, patient records etc.


The table is adjustable for all available models of inverted microscopes including motorized models. Two versions of the Anti Vibration table are available, 120 cm and 82 cm.


The K-Systems ® Anti-Vibration Table is equipped with a stainless steel shelf as a standard. Enhance the use of the Anti-Vibration Table and work with an Incorporated Monitor on arm


Technical specifications:AV2
Overall dimensions (WxD) 820x700 mm/32x28
MaterialStainless steel
Height of table780 mm/31
Mass (to be dampened) Adjustable