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Catálogo de productos - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico

Catálogo de productos

L224 IVF
Designed as a single workplace and for
L226 IVF
Designed as a single workplace and for
L226 Dual IVF
Designed as two workplaces and for mounting
L323 IVF
Excellent for the aspiration room
L423 IVF
Designed as a single workplace and for the mounting
L424 IVF
Designed as a single workplace and for the mounting
L426 IVF
Designed as a single workplace and for the mounting
L426 Dual IVF
Designed with two workplaces and for the mounting
Round block, holds 7 tubes of 17 mm
Round block, holds 12 tubes of 12 mm
Round block, holds 4 tubes of 25 ml - 23,5 mm
Rectangular block for portable incubator
Rectangular block for portable incubator
Holds 2 culture dishes
Block for swim-up test, 45° angle
Holds 2 culture dishes
Holds 1 center well dish
Holds 1 60 mm Ø culture dish
Holds 1 4-well dish
Holds 1 4-well dish
Holds 1 5-well dish
Holds 5 flushing syringes of 20 ml / 22.5 mm
Holds 5 flushing syringes of 10 ml / 18 mm
Holds 1 IVF MediaFlask of 125 ml
Holds 2 media flasks of 60 ml
Holds 4 media flasks of 10 m
For gassing culture dishes
For gassing media and sperm samples
For gassing culture dishes
For gassing culture dishes
For gassing media and sperm samples
For gassing culture dishes
LS11 The Basic Light Source
LS11 is a well tested and rugged light source
LS12 The Advanced Light Source
High end illumination system features
LS14 The Advanced Light Source
The LS14 is identical with a LS12 but
L524 Free standing warming table
The free standing table features a warmed
AV1 Anti Vibration Tables
Designed to meet the requirements of ICSI
AV2 Anti Vibration Tables
Designed to meet the requirements of ICSI
The outstanding design of the gas mixer
T47 Warming Plate has a compact
The K-SYSTEMS® R65 is a trolley with a warmed
Designed for the apiration room
The GH01 is a small and convenient stand alone
CO2 Mini Incubator – for optimal pH
Dry Bath Incubator, G73, is ideal for all sample
Gas analyzer
Hand-held gas analyser for spot testing
CBS Cotton-plugged Sperm Straws
The special design and the mode of filling and
CBS Hydrophobic plugged Embryo Straws
The special design and the mode of filling and
CBS Unplugged Tissue 2 ml Straws
Cryopreservation of tissue fragments
PETG Cotton-plugged Sperm Straws
Freezing and storage of human sperm
PETG Cotton-plugged Embryo Straws
Freezing and storage of human embryos
CBS High Security Straws
Accessories for CBS High Security Straws
Identification of CBS High Security straws and
The micro-aspirator is used to manually fill
CBS Visotubes and Goblets
Freesing and storage of biological materials
Visotubes and Globlets
Freezing and storage of biological materials in straws
Orange canisters to hold goblets
KleenSpec® Speculum Lighting Systems
Designed with enhanced unique new features
607 Unisex Polo
Athletic fit unisex polo in soft, baby pique
668 Round Neck Tee
Round Neck Tee with Spandex, FX logo on
Protective Mens Lab Coats
Features three front pockets, two inside
3138 Men´s Lab Coat
Full length coat with five cloth-knot buttons
3146 Men’s Belted Waist Lab Coat
Staff length coat features double breast
3148 Men´s Lab Coat
Staff coat with four-button closure, sewn-down
3161 Men´s Premium Lab Coat
Oversized pockets include a breast pocket with
3187 Unisex Plain Back Lab Coat
Full length coat with four button closure
4101 Unisex Top
Unisex v-neck tunic with stethoscope tab
4201 Unisex Drawstring Pant
Drawstring pant with faux fly and two front
6201 Contrast V Top
V neckline accented with two solid contrast
6211 Tri-Tone Stretch Tunic
Scoop neckline with contrast trim at neck
6216 Rib-Knit Sleeve Top
Classic pullover v-neck tunic with
6217 Slim Fit Stretch Tunic
Athletic style tunic with contrasting side panels
6221 Athletic Top
Top features primarily white styling with 2
6222 Sporty Tri-tone Top
Scoop neck pull over styling with
6223 Ballet Neck Top
Ballet neckline has a side keyhole opening
6304 Stretch Pant with Knit Waistband
Low rise pant with knit dyed-to-match
6306 Knit Waistband Pant
Low rise pant with knit dyed-to-match waistband
7003 Child Size Lab Coat
Miniature 3-pocket lab coat is perfect
7485 Men’s Zip Pocket Scrub Top
V-neck pullover, with contrast color shoulder
7489 Men´s 5 Pocket Tunic
V-neck pullover with one breast pocket
7502 Reversible Unisex Scrub Top
Reversible v-neck top with reinforced
7533 Drawstring Warm-up
Crew neck jacket with tunnel drawstring
7538 Double Pocket Cardigan
Three-button closure with princess lines
7551 Men´s Warm-up Jacket
Rib-knit neck and cuffs, snap closure, and
8001 Empire Waist Maternity Top
Deep crossover v-neck with center panel snap
8051 Student Tunic
Collar tunic with princess lines, inset
8172 FX Crossover Tunic
100% Cotton pullover with crossover neckline
8265 V-Neck Button Front Tunic
Dolman sleeves, back princess lines with inter
8350 Tailored Fit Flare Pant
Contoured waistline with gromment drawstring
8401 3/4 Sleeve Tunic/Jacket
Snap Front Tunic doubles as a jacket with
8404 Ladies Lab Coat
Blazer style with top-stitched collar and lapel
8555 Men´s Cargo Pant
Non-roll 1 1/2" border-stitched elastic waistband
8708 Professional Lab Coat
Traditional collar and lapel with small zip breast
8722 Swing Style Lab Jacket
Swing lab jacket with curved band detail front
8723 J-Pocket Lab Coat
Long professional lab coat with notched collar
Same long-lasting comfort as the Revive clog
Slip-on styling with soft, full
All pebbled leather clog with
Enhanced slip-resistant all rubber outsole
Lightweight EVA molded clog
Contoured fit clog in
Athletic styled lace-up in pebbled leather
9536 Tri-Tone Tunic
V-neck color blocked tunic
9537 Synergy Tunic
Scoop neck tunic features two diagonal set on
9715 Sailor Pant
Sailor inspired pants contoured waistband
9538 Baby Doll Top
Soft and comfy scoop neck top with drawstring tie
9714 Sling Pocket Pant
Unique sling pocket design features detachable
9534 Double Pocket Crossover Top
An updated of an Urbane favorite with a
9535 U Logo Tee
Long sleeve, crew neck tee with Urbane
9604 Short Peplum Jacket
Convertible collar, top-stitched princess
9519 Bolero Top
Pullover bolero style with contrast bias
9518 Double Piped Crossover Top
V-neck tunic with unique contrast bias
9501 Classic Crossover Top
Tailored crossover top with contrast
9502 Drawstring Boot Cut Pant
Boot cut low-rise pant with drawstring
9505 Contrast Bias V-Neck Tunic
Contrast bias trim on v-neck and lower
9702 Cargo Pant
Flare leg pant with drawstring waist
9511 Mock Wrap Top
Fitted top with contrast bias detail front
9509 Y-Neck Top
Fitted top with Y contrast detail at neck
9709 Inverted Y Pant
Drawstring boot cut pant with contrast
9523 Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee
Shapely crew neck with Urbane logo
9506 Y-Pocket Jacket
Snap front warm-up jacket
9526 Two Tone Tee
1 x 1 rib knit crew neck baseball style tee
9704 Work It Pant
Work it elastic flip pant
9525 Long Sleeve Tee
Soft and sleek crew neck styling
9524 Hoodie
An athletic style for those on the go
9706 Fleece Jacket
Fleece jacket with satin trim
9705 Fitted Pant
Flat front straigth leg pant
9607 Lab Jacket
Innovative sleeve design features
9602 Lab Coat
Zipper front with angled seam detail
3109 Lab Coat
Slim silhouette with hourglass
Sporty signature zipper design blends
Our slip resistant molded clog
Transit Mesh
Our mule silhouette infuses breathable
Transit Leather
Same good looks as Transit Mesh, only
No matter how well you maintain your laboratory
Esta mesa de cirugía universal combina
La Andra 4 está diseñada para las
BasiCare Camas Hospitalarias BC50 BC100
La baranda posterior y anterior
CareControl Camas Hospitalarias CC100 CC200
El fácil uso de los controles electrónicos
CareControl Camas Hospitalarias CC400
Las camas CareControl proporcionan a los
Atril CH30
El atril CH30 con cinco ruedas tiene un resistente
Silla rodante de examinación CH50
Construida en un robusto marco cromado
CareMate CM20 Bedside Cabinet
La CareMate es una solución duradera
CareMate Mesa de alimentación CM80
La CareMate es una solución duradera
Carro de Emergencia CT5
Al abrir la bandeja lateral
Carro de emergencia CT8
Al abrir la bandeja lateral se obtiene
Delta Mesa de Cirugía D5
El cambio es importante, especialmente
Gabinete EP1
El gabinete EP1 tiene puertas dobles
Sistemas de Respuesta de Emergencia J11
Contar con un sistema de respuesta
Sistemas de Respuesta de Emergencia J13
Tener un sistema de respuesta
Sistemas de Respuesta de Emergencia J16
Contar con un sistema de respuesta
LUMiBasic Lampara Quirurgica L34
Luz blanca de alta luminosidad
LUMiBasic Lampara Quirurgica L35
Luz blanca de alta luminosidad
Lampara Cialtica 6030
Control digital que permite
Carro para distribución de medicina MC5
Gavetas con múltiples divisiones
Sillas Modulares
La colección de sillas modulares
Praxis Camilla de Transporte P100
La camilla manual de transporte
Praxis Camilla de Transporte P500
La camilla manual de transporte
Praxis Camilla de Transporte P525
La camilla manual de transporte
Qu4tro Camilla de Transporte Q104
Nuestra cuarta generación de camilla
Gabinete SS1
El gabinete SS1 construido en acero
Gabinete SS3
El gabinete SS3 construido en acero
Carro multiuso SS5
El carro multiuso SS5 es ligero construido
Lavamanos Quirúrgico SS30
El lavamanos quirúrgico SS30 está
Balde SS52
El balde SS52 construido en robusta
Mesa de Mayo SS696
La mesa de mayo SS696 construida en
Carro multiuso ST5
El carro multiuso SS5 es ligero
Y1000 Bomba de Infusión
Hoy en día, en el ambiente
Y1200 Bomba de Infusión Doble Canal
Hoy en día, en el ambiente
Pleated Crossover Tunic
Coleccion Primavera
PureSperm® 100
Sterile colloidal silica.
PureSperm® 40 PureSperm® 80 PureSperm® 90
Density gradient solution.
PureSperm® Buffer
Maximize sperm survival during centrifugation.
PureSperm® Wash
It is optimised for washing the sperm pellet.
PureSperm® SpeediKit
Kit for the preparation of semen samples.
Protecting sperm from the effects of freezing/thawing.
Optimization technique for sperm evaluation.
Sperm MorfoStain™
Staining for morphological evaluation of sperm.
For slowing sperm for ICSI.
Paraffin oil designed for gametes and embryos
Vitrification media for blastocysts.
For isolation and purification of bovine spermatozoa.
Is a means to dilut.
Increase the quality and viability of equine sperm.
For purification of porcine spermatozoa.
PorciWash™ Sperm Dilution
Is a means to dilute sperm.
For to spread turkey semen
VT801 Vitrification Media.
Vitrification Kit.
Thawing Media VT802
Thawing kit.
storage of vitrification human oocytes and embryos.
Cooling rack
Container the liquid nitrogen
Repro plate
Designed to contain the liquid nitrogen during vitrific
L234 IVF
IVF Workstation Class II L234 CellTouch
IVF Work Chamber G603
Kryo 360 -1.7
Precision Controlled-Rate Freezer
Kryo 360-3.3
Precision Controlled-Rate Freezer
Kryo 550 -16
Kryo 550 -16 - Biological Freezer
Kryo 560 -16
Kryo 560 -16 - Fully Featured Tissue Bank Freezer
Kryo 750- 30
Kryo 750- 30 - freezing critical samples in high volum
Kryo 1060
Kryo 1060 - for precise freezing of samples in very hig
DATAcentre Base Station
Monitoring & Alarm System
BT-37 Humidity Controlled.
ReAssure software
ReAssure software
Pro-curo Sample Tracking Software
Sample Tracking Software
ShipsLog ShipsLogA data logger for vapour shippers in
HBA® Assay - CELL-VU®
Coated chambers for sperm sample evaluation.
ThermoBlast Kit
Thawing media for blastocysts.
Wallace® Classic Embryo Transfer Catheters
For confident positionin before introducing the embryo.
Wallace® Sure-Pro® Supported Embryo Transfer
Inner catheter for increased control during insertion.
Wallace® Sure View Ultrasound Visible Embryo
Allows full visibility under ultrasound guidance whilst
Wallace® Sure-Pro® Ultra Supported Ultrasound
Inner catheter to pass through the uterus for insertion
Wallace® Intra-uterine Insemination Catheters
For optimal control over placement within the uterus.
Wallace® Single Lumen Oocyte Recovery Systems
Needle for oocytes retrieval.
Wallace® Dual Lumen Oocyte Recovery Systems
Needle for oocytes retrieval.
Wallace® Malleable Stylet
For embryo difficult transfers.
Wallace® Trial Transfer Catheter
For embryo transfer.
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AMS® MetrioMed
The primary goal is to promote fertility.
AMS® Advanced Prosta-Forte
Promotes optimal prostate wellness.
AMS® FibroMed
Helps detoxify uterus and ovaries.
AMS® Motility Max
Help improve sperm motility.
AMS® Ova-Max
Improve women’s egg and embryo quality.
AMS® PenaMax
Helps restore normal erectile function.
AMS® Fertilimax
Supports the brain and spinal development of the embryo
AMS® Preconception Plus
Enhance egg and embryo quality and woman’s fertility.
Support the improvement of male fertility functions.
For treat infertility related to insulin resistance.
AMS® Royal Plus
Improve infant cognitive function during lactation.
AMS® Sperm Count Max
Helps increase sperm count.
AMS® Velvet Power
Improve sexual health and fertility in both men and wom
AMS® WFS plus
Enhancement of ovulatory functions and follicular.
Acetyl L- Carnitine 1000mg
Help with age-related memory loss.
Biotin 10,000mcg
Improves appearance of hair, skin, and nails.
Biotin 1000mcg
Improves appearance of hair, skin, and nails.
Biotin 5000mcg
Improves appearance of hair, skin, and nails.
Calcium 600mg with Vitamin D3
Healthy bone development and cardiovascular for Fetus.
Chelated Zinc 50mg
Boosts immune system health, vision and eye health.
CoQ10 100mg Liquid
Regulate blood pressure, heart and vascular health.
CoQ10 200mg
Regulate blood pressure, cholesterol levels.
CoQ10 400mg
Regulate blood pressure, cholesterol levels.
DHEA 25mg
Increase bone mineral density, hormone regulation.
DHEA 50mg
Increase bone mineral density, hormone regulation.
Ginkgo Biloba
Helps improve concentration and focus.
Korean Ginseng 100mg
Protection from radiation and chemical toxins.
L-Arginine 1000mg
Helps restore healthy erectile function in men.
Lipoic Forte 600mg
Help manage diabetic neuropathy, weight loss.
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC ) 600mg
It detoxifies the organs and systems of the body.
Odorless Garlic 500mg
Improves the immune system and cardiovascular health.
Omega 3 1000mg
For heart health, joint, Anti-inflammatory.
Omega 3-6-9 1000mg
Cardiovascular health, brain health, healthy skin.
Royal Jelly 500mg
Supports the health of liver, heart, brain.
Vitamin D3 10,000 IU
Improve the absorption of calcium, prevent osteoporosis
Vitamin E 400mg
Antioxidant, protecte heart, skin and otrhe organs.
Advanced Thyroid
Healthy metabolism, promotes thyroid function.
Improve the appearance of nails, hair, and skin.
Cavintona 10mg
The inflammatory response after cerebral ischemia-reper
Cavintona Advanced 20mg
Inflammatory response after cerebral ischemia-reperfusi
CLA Raspberry Ketone
Supports weight loss, body toning and shaping.
CollaCaps (hydrolyzed collagen)
Revitalization and rejuvenation of the skin.
Eye Caps
Dietary supplement that supports healthy eyes.
Benefits both digestion, immune system simultaneously.
Memo Up
Reverses cognitive decline improves concentration.
Neuro Booster
Improves memory, mood, cognition, and learning.
Osteo Plus
Increases the flexibility of joints, protect cartilage.
Osteo Plus Joint & Power
Prevents collagen degradation, protect their joints.
Pearly Caps
Skin whitening, keeping acne under control.
Raspberry Ketone Drops w/ Garcinia
Helps suppress the appetite thus preventing overeating.
Raspberry Ketone w/ Garcinia
Helps suppress the appetite thus preventing overeating.
EmbryoGen® & BlastGen™
Facilitating communication between embryo& endometrium.
ORIGIO® Sequential Series™
Optimized culture media series for sequential culture.
SAGE 1-Step™
Medium for uninterrupted embryo culture.
Biopsy Medium
For blastomere biopsy of embryos (PGD).
Quinn’s Advantage™ Medium with HEPES
For in vitro procedures not requiring incubator.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Sequential Media
Optimize the in vitro environment for embryo developme
Quinn’s Advantage™ Protein Plus
Developed for to optimize fertilization rates.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Serum Protein Substitute
Protein Supplement.
Human Serum Albumin
Tissue culture protein supplement.
Acidified Tyrodes Solution
For blastomere biopsy of embryos for PGD.
Facilitate the in vitro preparation of gametes.
Liquid Paraffin
Oil overlay for culture media in IVFandICSI procedures.
Oil for Tissue Culture
Use in laboratory procedures for tissue culture medium.
SAGE™ In-Vitro Maturation Media (IVM)
For the in-vitro maturation of immature oocytes.
MediCult IVM System
For preincubation and maturing of immature oocytes.
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)
For the intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
Universal IVF Medium
For fertilization and culture until 2-8 cell stage.
Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS)
For in vitro procedures.
Embryo and Blastocyst Transfer.
ICSI Cumulase®
Removal of the cumulus complex surrounding the oocyte.
SynVitro™ Hyadase
Removal of the cumulus complex and corona radiata.
Immobilization and selection of mature sperm.
Sperm Preparation Medium
Stimulates motility and supports sperm viability.
Sperm separation and purification.
Quinn’s™ Sperm Washing Medium
For efficient sperm preparation.
Quinns Advantage™Medium with HEPES Ca/Mg free
Facilitates removal.
SynVitro™ Flush
For retrieval, holding and washing of oocytes.
Flushing Medium
For retrieval, holding and washing of oocytes.
PVP Medium
For slowing the movement of Sperm.
PVP Clinical Grade
For slowing the movement of Sperm.
MediCult Vitrification Warming
For thawing of human oocytes and/or embryos.
SAGE™ Warming Kit
Warming Kit for vitrification ultra-rapid.
MediCult Vitrification Cooling
For vitrification of human oocytes and/or embryos.
SAGE™ Vitrification Kit
For the ultra-rapid vitrification of human embryos.
Cryoprotection of human sperm without to use of protein
Sperm Freezing Medium
For maximize sperm survival after Cryopreservation.
For freezing of blastocysts.
For thawing of blastocysts frozen using Blast.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Blastocyst Freeze Kit
For the efficient freezing of blastocyst-stage embryos.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Embryo Freeze Kit
Use in freezing pronuclear and cleavage-stage embryos.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Thaw Kit
Developed for the thawing of embryos and blastocysts.
CSC Thawing Medium Kit
Developed for thawing of embryos and blastocysts.
CSC Freezing Medium
Choline Substituted Cryopreservation.
Embryo Freezing Pack
For freezing of human zygotes, cleavage stage embryos.
Embryo Thawing Pack
For thawing of human zygotes and embryos frozen.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Sperm Freezing Medium
Allow protection of sperm during freezing and thawing.
VitriFit™ Open Carrier
Vitrification carrier for storage of oocytes, embryos.
VitriGuard™ Carrier
Vitrification carrier for storage of embryos.
McGill Cryoleaf™Open System for Vitrification
For storage of vitrified human oocytes and/or embryos.
ORIGIO® Gas Line Filter
For maximum VOC filtering efficiency.
Manipulation and transfer of embryos or oocyte.
ICSI Micropipets
Loading multiple sperm for quick injections.
Holding Micropipettes
Hold and immobilize the oocyte or embryo.
RI Micropipettes
For anchoring the oocyte or embryo during ICSI.
RI Syringes
Syringes For Micromanipulation.
Warming blocks and glass incubator hoods
Accessories for maintaining the environment.
IVF Pasteur Pipets
For the IVF laboratory for a variety of use.
Biopsy Micropipettes
Our complete range of biopsy pipettes.
For denudation and handling.
PICSI® Dish for Sperm Selection
Dish with Hyaluronan microdots for sperm selection.
The Spherical Tip Catheter
For non-traumatic embryo transfer.
Single Lumen Needles
For oocyte retrieval.
IUI Catheters
For Intra-uterine Insemination.
Labotect Thermo Cell Transporter 3018
Labotect Thermo Cell Transporter 3018
Labotect Cell-Trans 4016
Secure, mobile and stationary preservation of specimen.
Labotect CO2 Mini Incubator C-16
Storage and preservation of specimen.
Gas analyzer
Accurate incubator gas verification tool.
Anti vibration Table
Laboratory table, vibration-free.
Anti vibration table TMC 63-500
Laboratory table, vibration-free.
IVF Thermometer
Temperature control for live samples.
pH Meter 3
pH Level Monitor.
Integra 3™ Micromanipulator
Integra 3™ Micromanipulator.
K-Systems Solid Temperature Sensor
Solid Temperature Sensor.
L126MP Workstation
IVF Workstation.
Titan-IVF Workstation
IVF workstation where sample protection is required.
LAF Hoods
Workstations Laminar Air Flow.
Scanfuge Centrifuges
Low speed centrifuges.
Warming Plates WP37
Maintaining the optimal temperature.
Mars-IVF Class II Workstation
Operator and sample protection.
Heated Trolley HT37
Maintaining the optimal temperature.
IVOS Sperm Analyzer
For sperm analysis.
Heated Glass Stage HG37
Maintaining the optimal temperature of your samples.
LED Light Source
Fitted in ORIGIO workstations.
Olympus Inverted Microscopes
Micromanipulation equipment.
Olympus Stereo Microscopes
Nikon Microscopes
Micromanipulation equipment.
Fortuna-IVF Workstation
Sample protection- Class I.
Glass Incubator Hoods
Temperature sensor.
Makler® Chamber
Reusable sperm counting chamber.