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LS14 The Advanced Light Source - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico

LS14 The Advanced Light Source

The LS14 is identical with a LS12 but developed for the Class 2 IVF Workstations, having a larger light opening giving full unlimited and undisturbed illumination. This high end illumination system features two condenser lenses, a rotational and horizontally movable two sided mirror and optional colour filters. The LS14 light source is an excellent choice where ideal light quality, high light output, completely uniform illumination and coloured filters are required.


Technical specifications: LS12/LS14
Overall dimensions (WxDxH)130x275x123 mm/5x11x4,9
Material Aluminium
Main voltage 100-240 VAC
Power consumption 20W
Bulb 12V Max 20W; 10°C
Lux 5000 cd
Red filter 41104
Green filter 41103
Blue filter 41105