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Biotin 1000mcg - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico

Biotin 1000mcg

Improves appearance of hair, skin, and nails, promotes metabolism of protein, carbs, and fat, helps to speed up metabolism. Since we don’t take enough biotin, Vitamin B7, through diet it’s necessary to take supplements to avoid deficiency.

High Potency Biotin from AMS® delivers healthy levels of the essential vitamin in order to accelerate the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. But that’s not the only function of biotin; it also regulates blood sugar levels and aids the functioning of nervous system.

The supplement will also help users improve the appearance of nails, hair, and skin and strengthen thyroid and adrenal function. Other health benefits of biotin include better cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, and tissues.