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Easy Grip Style Cell Culture Dish - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico

Easy Grip Style Cell Culture Dish

Reference: 353801.

- Samples of each lot are analyzed using Electron Scanning Chemical Analysis (ESCA) to ensure a consistent ratio of nitrogen-containing functional groups.
- Suitable for growing a variety of primary cells and cell lines that grow poorly on conventional, negatively charged, standard tissue culture surfaces—including tumor cells, endothelial cells and hepatocytes.
- Features a surface treatment that is a permanent, stable modification of the polystyrene surface incorporating a mixture of anionic and cationic functional groups.
- Uniform surface chemistry created by vacuum-gas plasma treatment promotes cell attachment.
- Improved handling of small dishes with the unique Easy-Grip design.
- Nonpyrogenic.
- Sterilized by gamma irradiation.
- Packaged in peel-open, medical-style bags.
Mixture of anionic and cationic functional groups
2.5 to 3mL