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ZAND-AIR™ 100P - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico


The ZAND-AIR™ 100P air purification system consists of an air inlet grill with safety locks, and TWO (2) activated carbon filters, with specially formulated gas adsorption media which adsorbs automobile exhaust fumes, organic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde from particle boards used in construction, paint, solvents, chlorine, cleaning chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemically active compounds (CACs) and other harmful agents, a Photo-catalytic oxidation chamber, with High output UVC lamp, and High efficiency low noise reversed curved motorized impeller with sealed ball bearings. The ZAND-AIR 100P unit is encased in a high impact ABS plastic with no off-gassing and are light weight and portable.

The ZAND-AIR 100P   significantly reduces Volatile Organic Compounds and Over 50 other chemicals were decomposed significantly with the ZAND-AIR™ 100P Air Purification/Odor Removal System.

Photo-Catalytic-Oxidation converts toxic compounds (even carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide) into benign constituents such as C02 and H20. The catalyst is such that it does not wear out or lose its effectiveness as a result of its actions.