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CRYOTOP® SC - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico


Cryotop® SC continues to obtain the same excellent results as its Open System version. Once again Kitazato offers the best survival rates thanks to its unparalleled Cooling and Warming rates.

Cryotop® SC is an evolution in vitrification with the Closed System of the successful Cryotop®; it allows the device to be sealed within a straw, allowing the vitrification of the specimens without them entering into direct contact with the liquid nitrogen.

Cryotop® Method offers proof of its outstanding results. Our suvival rates over 90% are backed up by numerous clinical studies with the biggest sample sizes in the market.
Cryotop® SC is a vitrification device consisting of a fine strip of transparent film connected to a plastic handle resistant to liquid nitrogen. Its design allows the loading of specimens for vitrification with a minimum volume (0.1 µl), a differentiating factor when achieving the best survival rates.