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CODA® FILTERS - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico


GCIF-006 (6 pk)
GCIF-012 (12 pk)
Filters for the Coda® Unit, the Coda®2 Unit and the Coda® SP Unit. Change the filters every 30 days.
Using Coda® inside your incubator has proven to remove VOCs and CACs and other particulates that can potentially inhibit any cell culture development. Testing in certain laboratories has shown that in the presence of formaldehydes even the mouse cell culture was inhibited. Coda® is a patented technology that is manufactured by a certified ISO medical company. Each building material is tested for any off-gassing.
Coda® filters include activated carbon filtration and a 99.97% HEPA filter to remove VOCs, CACs and particulates completely from the air inside your environment. This will improve your embryo and stem cell quality and development, along with giving you better overall performance and results.