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CBS Cotton-plugged Sperm Straws - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico

CBS Cotton-plugged Sperm Straws

Description / Use
Storage and preservation of sperm
The special design and the mode of filling and sealing of CBS High Security Straws for cryopreservation of human biological samples makes them fully hermetic, especially in liquid nitrogen. Manufactured from biocompatible materials, they are used in medically assited procreation techniques and particularly for sperm preservation. The CBS straw is a clear, flexible tube made of ionomeric resin


Model CBS 0.3 ml
This straw is composed of two distinct parts separated by a sliding white cotton safety plug. The first part with a working volume of 0.3ml holds the sperm sample, while the second permits introduction of a colored indentification tube and serves as a handle in liquid nitrogen


Model CBS 0.5 ml
Same technical specifications as the 0.3 ml straw, except that the working volume is 0.5 ml, and the outer part of the cotton safety plug is colored


Identification The CBS 0.3 ml and 0.5 ml straws carry tamper-proof bar-code and/or alphanumeric identication on an outer jacket that can be removed after thawing, guaranteeing sample traceability


filling and sealing
Straws are filled individually by means of a yellow sterile nozzle and a SYMS aspiration pump or a micro-aspirator
The impermeability of the seal is only guaranteed if the straws are sealed with the SYMS sealing system
For large series (sperm banks), the CBS straws are filled and sealed on an automatic filling, sealing and printing machine (MAPI)


For manual use with SYMS onlyUnits
CBS High Security sperm straw 0.3 ml with white cotton plug20


For use with SYMS, PACE and MAPIUnits
CBS High Security sperm straw 0.3 ml with white jacket and colored fixed rod
7 x 15
CBS High Security sperm straw 0.5 ml with white cotton plug20
CBS High Security sperm straw 0.5 ml with colored cotton plug external part*
Sterile yellow nozzle for filling of CBS 0.3 ml and 0.5 ml sperm straws10

*MEA and LAL tested