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ORIGIO - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico


HBA® Assay - CELL-VU®
Coated chambers for sperm sample evaluation.
EmbryoGen® & BlastGen™
Facilitating communication between embryo& endometrium.
ORIGIO® Sequential Series™
Optimized culture media series for sequential culture.
SAGE 1-Step™
Medium for uninterrupted embryo culture.
Biopsy Medium
For blastomere biopsy of embryos (PGD).
Quinn’s Advantage™ Medium with HEPES
For in vitro procedures not requiring incubator.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Sequential Media
Optimize the in vitro environment for embryo developme
Quinn’s Advantage™ Protein Plus
Developed for to optimize fertilization rates.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Serum Protein Substitute
Protein Supplement.
Human Serum Albumin
Tissue culture protein supplement.
Acidified Tyrodes Solution
For blastomere biopsy of embryos for PGD.
Facilitate the in vitro preparation of gametes.
Liquid Paraffin
Oil overlay for culture media in IVFandICSI procedures.
Oil for Tissue Culture
Use in laboratory procedures for tissue culture medium.
SAGE™ In-Vitro Maturation Media (IVM)
For the in-vitro maturation of immature oocytes.
MediCult IVM System
For preincubation and maturing of immature oocytes.
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)
For the intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
Universal IVF Medium
For fertilization and culture until 2-8 cell stage.
Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS)
For in vitro procedures.
Embryo and Blastocyst Transfer.
ICSI Cumulase®
Removal of the cumulus complex surrounding the oocyte.
SynVitro™ Hyadase
Removal of the cumulus complex and corona radiata.
Immobilization and selection of mature sperm.
Sperm Preparation Medium
Stimulates motility and supports sperm viability.
Sperm separation and purification.
Quinn’s™ Sperm Washing Medium
For efficient sperm preparation.
Quinns Advantage™Medium with HEPES Ca/Mg free
Facilitates removal.
SynVitro™ Flush
For retrieval, holding and washing of oocytes.
Flushing Medium
For retrieval, holding and washing of oocytes.
PVP Medium
For slowing the movement of Sperm.
PVP Clinical Grade
For slowing the movement of Sperm.
MediCult Vitrification Warming
For thawing of human oocytes and/or embryos.
SAGE™ Warming Kit
Warming Kit for vitrification ultra-rapid.
MediCult Vitrification Cooling
For vitrification of human oocytes and/or embryos.
SAGE™ Vitrification Kit
For the ultra-rapid vitrification of human embryos.
Cryoprotection of human sperm without to use of protein
Sperm Freezing Medium
For maximize sperm survival after Cryopreservation.
For freezing of blastocysts.
For thawing of blastocysts frozen using Blast.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Blastocyst Freeze Kit
For the efficient freezing of blastocyst-stage embryos.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Embryo Freeze Kit
Use in freezing pronuclear and cleavage-stage embryos.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Thaw Kit
Developed for the thawing of embryos and blastocysts.
CSC Thawing Medium Kit
Developed for thawing of embryos and blastocysts.
CSC Freezing Medium
Choline Substituted Cryopreservation.
Embryo Freezing Pack
For freezing of human zygotes, cleavage stage embryos.
Embryo Thawing Pack
For thawing of human zygotes and embryos frozen.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Sperm Freezing Medium
Allow protection of sperm during freezing and thawing.
VitriFit™ Open Carrier
Vitrification carrier for storage of oocytes, embryos.
VitriGuard™ Carrier
Vitrification carrier for storage of embryos.
McGill Cryoleaf™Open System for Vitrification
For storage of vitrified human oocytes and/or embryos.
ORIGIO® Gas Line Filter
For maximum VOC filtering efficiency.
Manipulation and transfer of embryos or oocyte.
ICSI Micropipets
Loading multiple sperm for quick injections.
Holding Micropipettes
Hold and immobilize the oocyte or embryo.
RI Micropipettes
For anchoring the oocyte or embryo during ICSI.
RI Syringes
Syringes For Micromanipulation.
Warming blocks and glass incubator hoods
Accessories for maintaining the environment.
IVF Pasteur Pipets
For the IVF laboratory for a variety of use.
Biopsy Micropipettes
Our complete range of biopsy pipettes.
For denudation and handling.
PICSI® Dish for Sperm Selection
Dish with Hyaluronan microdots for sperm selection.
The Spherical Tip Catheter
For non-traumatic embryo transfer.
Single Lumen Needles
For oocyte retrieval.
IUI Catheters
For Intra-uterine Insemination.
Labotect Thermo Cell Transporter 3018
Labotect Thermo Cell Transporter 3018
Labotect Cell-Trans 4016
Secure, mobile and stationary preservation of specimen.
Labotect CO2 Mini Incubator C-16
Storage and preservation of specimen.
Gas analyzer
Accurate incubator gas verification tool.
Anti vibration Table
Laboratory table, vibration-free.
Anti vibration table TMC 63-500
Laboratory table, vibration-free.
IVF Thermometer
Temperature control for live samples.
pH Meter 3
pH Level Monitor.
Integra 3™ Micromanipulator
Integra 3™ Micromanipulator.
K-Systems Solid Temperature Sensor
Solid Temperature Sensor.
L126MP Workstation
IVF Workstation.
Titan-IVF Workstation
IVF workstation where sample protection is required.
LAF Hoods
Workstations Laminar Air Flow.
Scanfuge Centrifuges
Low speed centrifuges.
Warming Plates WP37
Maintaining the optimal temperature.
Mars-IVF Class II Workstation
Operator and sample protection.
Heated Trolley HT37
Maintaining the optimal temperature.
IVOS Sperm Analyzer
For sperm analysis.
Heated Glass Stage HG37
Maintaining the optimal temperature of your samples.
LED Light Source
Fitted in ORIGIO workstations.
Olympus Inverted Microscopes
Micromanipulation equipment.
Olympus Stereo Microscopes
Nikon Microscopes
Micromanipulation equipment.
Fortuna-IVF Workstation
Sample protection- Class I.
Glass Incubator Hoods
Temperature sensor.
Makler® Chamber
Reusable sperm counting chamber.