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Criopreservacion en ORIGIO - EQUIPMED - Tecnología de Vanguardia al Servicio Médico

Criopreservacion en ORIGIO

VitriFitTM Open Carrier
Vitrification carrier for storage of oocytes, embryos.
McGill Cryoleaf
For storage of vitrified human oocytes and/or embryos.
Compress bulb to load and expel sample.
For freezing of blastocysts.
For thawing of blastocysts frozen using Blast.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Blastocyst Freeze Kit
For the efficient freezing of blastocyst-stage embryos.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Embryo Freeze Kit
Use in freezing pronuclear and cleavage-stage embryos.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Thaw Kit
Developed for the thawing of embryos and blastocysts.
CSC Thawing Medium Kit
Developed for thawing of embryos and blastocysts.
CSC Freezing Medium
Choline Substituted Cryopreservation.
Embryo Freezing Pack
For freezing of human zygotes, cleavage stage embryos.
Embryo Thawing Pack
For thawing of human zygotes and embryos frozen.
ORIGIO® Gas Line Filter
For maximum VOC filtering efficiency.
VitriGuard™ Carrier
Vitrification carrier for storage of embryos.
MediCult Vitrification Warming
For thawing of human oocytes and/or embryos.
MediCult Vitrification Cooling
For vitrification of human oocytes and/or embryos.
SAGE™ Vitrification Kit
For the ultra-rapid vitrification of human embryos
SAGE™ Warming Kit
Warming Kit for vitrification ultra-rapid.
Cryoprotection of human sperm without to use of protein
Sperm Freezing Medium
For maximize sperm survival after Cryopreservation.
Quinn’s Advantage™ Sperm Freezing Medium
Allow protection of sperm during freezing and thawing.